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December 2006
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supaflywhitegrl [userpic]

Hey all you non-member, just stopping by, viewing this dead livejournal group... it is still open!

I am really looking forward to some of you guys joining. :)

supaflywhitegrl [userpic]

Just so we can know who is who and how you became a fan of Ashley, let's just have a bit of a interview type thing for each new member. :) Just answer the following questions with your first entry, then whatever! Okay, here goes:

Your Name:
When did you first start liking Ashley?:
What's your favorite Ashley appearance (movie, tv show, etc)?
Extra Comments:

NOTE: Repost this with your own title with these question. Do not respond to this as a comment! Thanks.

supaflywhitegrl [userpic]

Hey everyone, and welcome to the first and only un-official livejournal community of Ashley Jones! Boy that was a mouth-ful, huh?

Anywho... let me start by introducing myself.

My name is Jennifer and I live in Tennessee. I started liking Ashley Jones when she first arrived on The Bold and the Beautiful. I have watched the show for about 3-4 years now, and Bridget has always been my favorite character. When Jennifer Finnigan left the show, I thought it was going to be near impossible to replace her role as Bridget, and it was proving right early on. Then, Ashley Jones was introduced to the cast, and brought the character Bridget back to life, and dare I say she did better than Jennifer. I have since been an avid fan of Ashley and her career.

I have had a website in the making for close to a year now on Ashley Jones but due to juggling a crazy work and school schedule, it has unfortunately been pushed to the back burner for a while. I did decide to go ahead and create a LiveJournal community which will function as the forum of the site.

Well enough blabbing... I expect that these next few weeks will be extremely slow as it will take a while for people to join, but I really look forward to meeting some Ashley Jones' fans, and maybe even some B&B fans! :)

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